Intermedio (Eric Blyth, Sam Ferris-Morris, Justin West) and MYCincinnati

A Zeitgeber is an environmental cue, such as light, which influences the timing of internal biological clocks that regulate all of the body’s functions. This piece juxtaposes biological time with machine time and explores what happens when they intersect.

Performed in a darkened room, each performer is paired with a free-standing light.  The light’s purpose is twofold: to be a visual connection to the music and to react and communicate musical ideas across the ensemble. The light patterns are controlled both by the computer and by the performers generating the musical form through rules which utilize the light as a visual score. Suite-like in conception, different rules will delineate a set of pieces which generate totally new musical features with each performance. The result is an immersive audio and visual experience for both performers and audience.