Intermedio (Eric Blyth, Justin West, Sam Ferris-Morris)

In Place of Forgetting is an interactive multi-channel audio-visual installation exploring the contemporary overabundance of memory and its impact on the quality of the experiences we attempt to remember. With each repost, recontextualization, reiteration or translation, a connection to the original moment is further obscured. Viewers traverse this sense of iterative-loss through their physical interactions, shaping their experience by sifting through and reassembling text and images sourced from an archive of historical Cincinnati postcards collected by Mark Rohling, Senior Exhibition Designer/Chief Preparator at the Taft Museum of Art. By influencing which fragments of the audio archive are amplified through their action, the visitors evoke new and unique relationships between them, continuously transforming their context. One box tells a story, while its companions speak in counterpoint and a pair on the side hold a conversation. A trio sing in harmony together, their voices echoing the marks of handwriting scribed on the back of each archived image.



Mid-Day Ghost is a suite of pieces for the human voice and saxophone, collaboratively composed, combining spoken word, stories, experimental vocal sounds with interactive-multichannel audio.  Through interactions with the installation ‘In Place of Forgetting’, Mid-Day Ghost explores the ephemerality of our contemporary experiences and how they are shaped by memories of the past — what we keep and what we leave behind.

Sam Ferris-Morris, electronics
Om Srivastava, saxophone
Justin West, electronics